About UsPractical Dairy Training Centres (PDTCs) are commercial dairy farms that offer practical skills training to farmers as a business. The farms offer market driven one day or one week practical courses to farmers at a fee. These farms have invested in accommodation facilities, competent trainers, dairy farms that have adopted best practices, and fodder fields for demonstrations. Farmers spend 70% of their time in the fields or cowshed learning by doing.

How SNV selected PDTCs

Assessment was done on farms that were already offering some form of training to farmers.

Three farms were selected for support:

Mawingu PDTC


Willens PDTC

SNV through Kenya Market-led Dairy Program (KMDP) supports these farms adopt best practise in the farms, co-invest in training infrastructure (facilities, trainers, curriculum etc.), and market linkages

SNV also supports additional farms that are willing to invest to become PDTCs by linking them to PDTCs supported and sharing developed curriculum,

About Us