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SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) is an international development organisation that works in 36 countries worldwide. In Eastern and Southern Africa SNV implements multi-year sectoral dairy programs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda funded by the Netherlands’ Embassies in Addis Ababa, Nairobi and Kampala. In Tanzania, Ruanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, SNV is involved in dairy projects through other donor funding. SNV Kenya is implementing the Kenya Market-led Dairy Programme (KMDP: 2012-16) and works across the dairy value chain with dairy farmers, cooperatives, processors, input suppliers, financial institutions and policy makers. The overall goal of KMDP is to con-tribute to the development of a vibrant, private sector driven and competitive dairy sector. The latter first and foremost requires that dairy farmers increase their skills and knowledge of dairy production and farm management. Hence KMDP supports the concept of training farms and Practical Dairy Training Centres. Read More about SNV Kenya


Transfer and adoption of practical knowledge and skills is the foundation of a competitive dairy sector. KMDP supports 3 dairy farms that have gone into training as a business, to become Practical Dairy Training Centres (PDTCs). They are assisted to offer market driven one day and one-week practical short courses to farmers. Support offered to PDTCs includes:

  • Good farm management practices (e.g. housing, feeding, fodder preservation, herd management, calf rearing, milk and hygienic milk handling, record keeping)
  • Good training practices and facilities (qualified trainers/ToT, structured training programmes and training materials, classroom and teaching aids)
  • Good marketing practices (sponsored farmer training through linkages with dairy societies, processors, financial institutions, input suppliers, NGOs and marketing tools such as website development and flyers/brochures)
  • PDTC Platform for linkages with formal training institutions and TVET.
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